(516) 465-4130; In Case of EMERGENCY dial: (516) 742-3300 info@gcfdny.com


The Garden City Fire Department has been providing fire and emergency service to the Village of Garden City for over 100 years. The Department is administered by a team of 4 Volunteer Fire Chiefs supported by a management team of 2 volunteer Captains, and 4 volunteer Lieutenants and 4 corporate officers. In addition, the Department operates with a roster of over 100 volunteer firefighters. The fleet of fire suppression and response apparatus includes 3 Pumpers, 1 Aerial Ladder, 1 Quint, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Polaris 6×6, 1 4×4 Pickup Truck, 4 Chief Command Vehicles, 2 Support SUV Vehicles, and 1 Transport Van.

How do I report an emergency?

Importantly, evacuate immediately and dial (516) 742-3300 to report your emergency. Please be sure to give your name, address, including nearest cross street, telephone number and the type of emergency.

How many fire stations are in Garden City?

The department has 3 stations. Headquarters is located at 347 Stewart Avenue (west side of Village Hall), Station 2 is located at Stewart Avenue and Edgemere Road, and Station 3 at St. James North and Emmet Place.

How do I obtain a copy of a fire report?

Fire Reports are located at Fire Headquarters. Inquiries can be made to (516) 746-1301. Leave a message and we will contact you.

I hear I can become a Volunteer Firefighter? How do I do so?

Yes, the Garden City Fire Department is always looking for Volunteer Firefighters. It is one of the highest forms of community service. You can download an informational brochure as well as an application online here at our website. The brochure provides all the relevant information on how to become a volunteer firefighter. Click here for more information: Volunteering with the Garden City Fire Department

What does a flashing Blue Light mean on a car?

Under New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, volunteer firefighters are permitted to display a revolving/flashing blue light while responding to an emergency.


Volunteer firefighting is one of the highest forms of community service!

Volunteer firefighters have been providing this valuable service to the Village of Garden City for more than 100 years, giving back, unselfishly, during fires, emergencies, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and snow storms. We respond to hundreds of calls for assistance throughout the year. We help our fellow neighbors when they are in a time of need.

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