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Fire Safety


When fire strikes, deadly smoke can fill your home within minutes. Learn more about fire safety to keep you and your family safe.
Our Safety Programs


The Garden City Fire Department offers safety programs including a year round Fire Safety & Education Program, as well as the Knox-Box program.
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I report an emergency? How do I obtain a copy of a fire report? How do I become a Volunteer Firefighter? Visit our FAQ page!


Make a donation and support your local fire department. We are pleased to offer you the ability to donate to our organization online.
GCFD Recruitment Poster


Volunteer firefighting: One of the highest forms of community service!

Volunteer firefighters have been providing this valuable service to the Village of Garden City for more than 100 years, giving back, unselfishly, during fires, emergencies, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and snow storms. We respond to hundreds of calls for assistance throughout the year. We help our fellow neighbors when they are in a time of need.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out an application, email membership@gcfdny.com or call us at (516) 465-4142 and leave a message that you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Garden City Fire Department

Who are we?

We are a dynamic group of people, with various backgrounds and life experiences. We are lawyers, business people, architects, students, police officers, bankers, teachers, homemakers, and much more. We form a family of Volunteers committed to serving the Garden City community. Nothing beats the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing an important job well while helping your community. Learn how you can join the team by becoming a Garden City Fire Department Volunteer!